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The backbone of every organisation

In these times, it is an absolute necessity for every business to have the best tax advisors available.

Kaul & Gupta CPA LLP’s tax team are dedicated professionals, with an advanced degree in taxation and accounting, specializing in areas such as corporate tax and transactions, individual tax, estate and gift taxes, sales use taxes, international and interstate taxation, personal financial planning, and pension and profit-sharing plans.

With our experience and  breadth of expertise, we are able to grapple with the toughest tax issues and achieve the most favorable results for our clients.

Planning is the emphasis in our tax department, and a tax specialist is assigned to your account. As tax planning is a year-round activity, we give you flexibility and options to eliminate, reduce or defer tax obligations. We aim to get a clear understanding of your business and objectives, and our audit and tax professionals work together to effect tax savings, which are frequently quite substantial.

On the personal side, a carefully designed pension plan, profit-sharing plan, or program of gifts, trusts and estate planning can help build a financial base for you and your family, now and in the future.