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Enterprise audits made easy


Are you facing an IRS investigation as an individual or a business? Are you in a tax audit that you fear is turning into a criminal matter? When it comes to the IRS looking into your financial affairs, it is never too early to engage the services of an experienced CPA. An IRS investigation is a serious matter that could have life-changing consequences.

At Rajeev Kaul CPA PC, we are intimately conversant with IRS tax audits, investigations, tactics, and procedures. We understand the workings of this powerful government agency in its quest to prosecute and penalize taxpayers. Our CPA’s have handled all types of aggressive IRS investigations for clients. We know how intimidating and frightening they can be which is why we recommend that you never try to handle such a matter without our experienced representation.

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Any type of simple mistake can trigger an IRS investigation into your financial life. A small oversight on your part or accountant malpractice can result in an IRS letter informing you that you are under attack. Whatever might trigger an audit, such as unreported or under-reported income, questionable deductions, or other false statements can lead into an exhaustive search and discovery by a special IRS agent whose intent is to lead you into prosecution.

As the most powerful collection agency in the country, the IRS has enormous resources as well as an agenda to publicly punish those whom it believes to be tax criminals. It may investigate a taxpayer for years in a relentless pursuit. Without the help of an attorney who knows how to protect you throughout the investigation and who can fight back on your behalf, you may be facing a stressful and frightening future.

If you are convicted, penalties can include heavy fines and jail time, which can spell financial and social ruin.


As a business owner, you are responsible for handling a wide variety of important matters, including the financial aspects of your business. These financial matters can sometimes go overlooked, and honest mistakes can be made quite easily. If your business is being audited by the IRS, it is imperative that you retain strong representation as soon as possible. Otherwise, an investigation into your unprotected business could have devastating consequences.

An investigation can involve:

  • A freeze on your bank accounts
  • A raid on your home or business
  • A seizure of property or business assets
  • You and your family, friends, or associates being brought before a Grand Jury
  • Exhaustive research including the questioning of family, friends, business associates, and more

Our firm provides effective and relentless audit defense for businesses throughout the United States. We can ensure that your rights and best interests are fully protected throughout every stage of the legal process. Regardless of how dire your situation may be, you can trust us to provide you with well-informed counsel and personalized audit defense.


At Rajeev Kaul CPA PC, our primary focus is to provide an aggressive defense to IRS allegations. With our proven track record of results, you can be confident that your case will be defended. We take our job as seriously as IRS agents do: with a passion to fight and seek the best for our clients. You should never have to face the IRS alone without the guidance and support of a trusted tax attorney. We invite you to take advantage of our commitment to excellence and to the preservation of your stability and future.